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To participate in Club Sponsored activites and trials, you must be a member of the club.   Memberships are annual, and run from January 1 to December 31st each year.

There are two types of memberships availble:

Individual Memberships

When you are the only person in your household wanting to work and play with your JRT's - this is for you.

Family Memberships

For one or more individulas in the household who want to participate in JRT activites.  This is the membership to use for couples or families that have younger members who want to participate in our  Youth Programs

There are also two ways to join our club:


Indvidual Membership $20
Family Membrership $25

Complete the applicaton, write check, and mail it to the club.

Click Here for Application


Indvidual Membership $22
   $20 membership + $2 technology fee

Family Membershp: $27
   $25 membershp + 2 technology fee

Click Here to Complete everything on-line.